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How day to day costs can consume your spare cash

In these socalled times of austerity, it can sometimes be hard to predict what our day to day expenses might be from one month to the next. Many price changes on major outgoings happen over a certain period of time with, hopefully, plenty of notice, but we do live in times where day to day belt tightening is probably a necessity. Aside from our main monthly expenses such as mortgage or rent payments and other essential utilities like gas, electricity, water and--let's not forget to add another essential in here--food, what about some of the socalled 'other' costs that crop up in the chasm between monthly pay checks?

Getting the right deal

Possibly one of the larger outgoings for many people is their monthly mobile phone bill. However, bearing that in mind, your mobile might not be so easy to dismiss. But there are ways and means allowing you to lower your bills if you need to.

Contacting your provider to switch to a Pay As You Go tariff or adjusting your current plan to lower your monthly text, minutes or data allowances are all easy options. In a time when we're clamouring for more data to stream music, movies and TV to our devices, you need to be sure you won't be leaving yourself high & dry without enough allowance to last the month, so check your data usage first.

Another, potentially draining, outgoing can be our home entertainment. Now the analogue signal has been turned off across the country, we are all reliant on digital TV to enjoy the influx of extra channels. Many of us are contracted into yearly plans with big hitters like Sky and along the way we add boltons when the mood takes us such as sports or movie channels that aren't quite so easy to give up.

What many of us don't do however, is bundle all our entertainment essentials into one big parcel. Most of the larger telecoms companies offer TV, broadband and telephone services all in one neat, monthly payment, often at a reduced price. It can be a daunting task to change suppliers, but companies like uSwitch can compare packages and prices for you to get the best deal.

A lump sum to help you

Of course, these topics make up a small percentage of our 'other' monthly costs. Smaller day to day expenses consume a lot of our 'free' cash each month too and there could be times when a larger cash injection might be the antidote to our belt tightening blues.

Putting aside a little bit here and there might contribute, but probably won't go too far towards that dream family holiday you've been promising yourself. You know, the family holiday that will be the last one before the kids get too old to hang out with Mum & Dad.

Maybe a holiday pales into insignificance when your son or daughter announces their upcoming nuptials. You want the best for them, and, naturally, their special day needs to be one of the happiest of their lives, so what better way to mark the occasion than to contribute to their big day?

The Logbook Loan solution

There are probably other life events that we might need a lump sum for expected or otherwise, and one of the easiest ways to reward yourself is with fast cash loans with monthly payments. With loans available from £500 to £100,000, you can use your car to secure the cash loan you need. There are no formal credit checks and the car is still yours to drive day to day. So if you've had difficulties getting credit elsewhere, then a logbook loan with Car Cash Point is a quick and easy way to get the financial help you need so you don't miss out on any of life's important things.