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Sometimes, as you know, it's difficult to make ends meet. You work hard and juggle the best you can, but everything seems to cost so much. Food, accommodation and transport are all expensive - and they're just the basics.

When money is tight, advice often focuses on managing what you have - spending less on non-essentials, for example, or putting money aside for unexpected bills.

That's good guidance, of course, but what about the other side of the coin?

Rather than just managing your existing money, why not try to earn more?

Why not supplement your income by making extra cash on the side?

If you live in UK, there are lots of easy ways to make more money.

You could, for example:

Sell things online

This could be your old stuff or new items for a manufacturer or distributor (drop shipping). Or you could sell handcrafted products for a local supplier (see below). eBay and Gumtree are good sites to use.

Make money from your craft hobby

Do you have a talent for designing and creating jewelry, gifts or accessories? People love the 'Handcrafted in UK' tag, and you could sell your products on sites like Etsy, or at local markets and fairs.

Teach people a skill

The chances are you have something you could teach to someone else. How to play the guitar, for example, or dance, windsurf or bake. You could also maybe run art or yoga classes, or keep-fit sessions at your local gym.

Walk dogs and keep them company during the day

People love their pets and will spend good money to keep them happy. You could also housesit when people go on holiday, or babysit for friends and relatives. Trust is very important and people will pay for peace-of mind.

Repair equipment and property

Do you have the skills and tools to repair bicycles or lawn mowers, say, or outboard motors? Or mend fences, fix burst-pipes or replace broken windows? If so, you could make good money on the side by offering a repair service.

So what could you do to earn more cash?

A good starting point is to think about your skills and interests, and what you like doing. If you're not sure what you're good at, ask someone you trust.

Listen out as well for what people say they like, or need. What do they complain about, or struggle with? What could you do to make things more enjoyable for them, or easier? That's what people will pay money for.

Think also about what you would charge, and what you might need to get started.

If you want to borrow money, there are different options - and a logbook loan company like Car Cash Point might be the best one for you.

So instead of worrying about not having enough money, set your mind free and think of ways to make more money. It's definitely a lot more fun!