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Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important, most significant and most memorable days of your life. So it's important you do it right!

Unfortunately, weddings don't come cheap (as you'll know if you've started doing any research), but the good news is that there are a lots of ways to get some funds together... from getting money from car loan companies to calling in a favours from grandparents, here's how you can pay for your dream wedding:

Save, save, save!

As soon as you're engaged (or before, if you're really organised) try to save a bit of money every month. When times are tight this can be hard to do, but even £30 a month (the equivalent of taking 10 packed lunches to work rather than buying a meal deal at the supermarket) could help. Stash it in a tax-free ISA if you're having a long engagement. 

Take out a wedding loan
Lenders offer loans specifically intended to help you pay for your wedding. If your credit score is good enough you can borrow up to £15,000 and repay it at approximately 5% interest over a period of years. Of course, this could be the perfect solution if you're planning a big wedding with a beautiful venue, a white gown, fantastic food and excellent entertainment!

Take out a log book loan

If your credit rating isn't very good, then one of our log book loans might be better for you and it can help raise money for your wedding. All you'll need to do is use your car as security (but remember that you can continue driving it for the period of your loan!), repaying the loan with interest at a rate you've agreed you're comfortable with and can afford. This is a great option if going to the bank isn't viable for you, and means you can even drive your car to your own wedding if that's what you want to do!

Ask for help from family
Another way of getting funds together for your wedding is to ask your family for help.
This is becoming more and more common with most couples tying the knot end asking their parents and grandparents for a little bit of help. So, if your family can afford it or have expressed an intention to help you out, see what they're prepared to give you: it might cover the cost of your venue, pay the suits and dresses or simply clear the bill on your flower arrangements.

Request a donation

Another trend right now is for the bride and groom to request that guests make a donation towards their wedding or honeymoon rather than bringing a present. This is perfect for couples who need cash more than 'stuff', and it's often more useful as most couples already live together before getting hitched nowadays... another toaster is the last thing you need! You could put the money towards a luxurious honeymoon, or use it to pay back what you borrowed for the wedding.

So, will you turn to car loan companies, your family or your guests to fund your dream day? That's up to you!