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The dream is to live our life free of debt. In reality, that's almost impossible. Even if you save all your pennies, there still may be an unexpected purchase, a booking of a holiday that takes more money than you have in your bank account. This is where Car Cash Point can help, using your vehicle to get a logbook loan for some additional finance to fund these well needed moments.

1. Weddings are expensive

We all know a wedding a can be a very expensive affair , and however much help your family members can provide, they are still extremely costly. An article on This is Money revealed that the cost of a wedding had risen to £24,000 in 2015, which is not a small chuck of change for anyone. If you want to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your wedding costs, then a loan for car owners may be the  answer for you. After all, this is a very special day in which you don't want to be short of funds.

2. Everyone deserves a dream holiday

We all deserve a holiday to escape the stress of everyday life, and using your car for finance can help fund this escape. Every now and then you may spot an advert for a wonderful holiday at an unbelievably low price. For example, if you've spotted a deal that offers a flight to New York, accommodation and the cost of a Broadway show in the price, it would be almost criminal to pass up this opportunity of broadening your horizons. If you're in work, but don't have sufficient funds in your bank account, this might be the time to look at other finance options.

3. Family emergencies can be pricey

Travelling from one end of the UK to another can be expensive. If you live in the North, your parents are in the West and you have to visit them regularly as a result of illness, an expensive travel bill is on the horizon. You're looking at travel costs, possible accommodation fees, as well as the ability to prolong your stay should your family member's condition deteriorate. This is not the time for money troubles; your attention should be focussed on your ailing relative.

4. Refurbishing your home

Even if you use the most competitively priced workers, or carry out a lot of the painting yourself, you'll still find that the installation of your dream bathroom or kitchen costs money. A loan is a useful way of overcoming this problem and a remodelled room will always add value to your property for the future.