Why Service Matters: How to Spot a Good Logbook Loan Company

Many people need a loan throughout their lives. Sometimes they will only take out credit for the really big purchases, a home or a car, for example; other times someone may need a loan to fund smaller projects, such as a new business or renovations. The fact is, loans are taken out for so many different reasons, which is why it is crucial that you know the various options available to you when it comes to lenders. You can go to a bank, or somewhere you can get your payslip advanced, but these options come with high interest rates and little choice in terms of how soon or late you repay your loan.

This is where logbook loans come into play. Logbook loans allow you to take a loan out against an asset you have in your name. For many people, this will be your car or another vehicle.


What is a Logbook Loan?

A logbook loan is a great way to take out a loan without going through your credit, as the amount is leveraged against your vehicle and not your history of repayments. That does not make these loans suspicious or something to discredit, however. Logbook lenders must be FCA regulated, meaning your loan is secure.

Another benefit to choosing a logbook loan is that you can still use and operate your vehicle while you make repayments. There are some exceptions to this, for example, if you have a motorbike, it will need to be kept in storage during this time, but for the most part, you can take out a loan and make repayments easily.


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Raising Money to Start a Business, Get Married or Go on Holiday

Getting a loan against your car or any other vehicle you own, can help you get an injection of cash when you need it most, whatever you need it for.  A Car Cash Point logbook loan can also help get over any credit problems you might have as well as giving you low repayments to suit you.

Despite the ongoing necessity to 'tighten our belts' and look after our money, consumer borrowing is still on the rise, especially with traditional secured loans. And a logbook loan from Car Cash Point is one of the easiest ways to help you get a lump sum of cash, from £500 upwards, quickly and safely, whatever you need it for.

So by looking at several areas where a secured loan against your car can help raise your funds, you'll see how useful a logbook loan can be in more ways than you imagined.

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Top Trends In 2018 Summer Holidays To Look Out For

Spring has sprung, and that means Summer's not too far away. So now's the time to start thinking about destinations for your summer holiday. Will it be a sun-baked family holiday with sea and sangria, a luxurious couple-cruise drifting through exclusive resorts, or something else entirely?

The world's getting smaller and holidays are no longer limited to a week away on a bracing sea front with the world and his wife. There's a whole host of options to suit every budget and every age, from activity, or cruise holidays, to city breaks, beach resorts, or if you really want it, a staycation here in the UK.

Different strokes for different folks

Maybe it's a special occasion, a memorable birthday, or an all-out family get together in the sun. It might be to escape the pressures of work, kids or just life itself. Whatever your reasons for going on holiday, we all need a good, relaxing break from time to time. And anything from a long weekend to a couple of weeks away from it all can work wonders.

But everyone's opinion of what makes a good holiday is as different as chalk and cheese. Lying on a sun-drenched beach with nothing but a book for company may suit some, while an active cycling holiday covering 100 miles a day could be another's dream come true. But neither of them would suit a city-loving culture vulture. None of them are wrong - they're just different.

So what's hot and what's not in the world of holidays? In 2017, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) conducted a leisure and tourism consumer trends survey to find out. The results gave a representative sample of some 2,000 consumers across the country, relating to holiday habits in the 12 months leading up to August 2017. Continue reading "Top Trends In 2018 Summer Holidays To Look Out For"

Logbook Loans Online And How To Tell Fact From Fiction

Even though borrowing money with logbook loans online is becoming a more popular way for car owners to receive a lump sum of cash, they still come in for more than their fair share of criticism. But as with most things, it's best not to believe everything you read.

Over recent years, bad press, bad publicity, and negative connotations associated with so-called 'fast loans', including online logbook loans, resulted in a crackdown by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Now, there are specific guidelines, with tighter rules and restrictions for lenders, including a price cap to limit the amount of fees and charges a borrower would be liable to pay.

But even though the industry has dramatically upped its game, Here, Car Cash Point look at just a few of the more common falsehoods and put the record straight.

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How to Improve Your Credit Score with a Logbook Loan

original_660730051If you already know your credit score is low, being approved for any loan you apply for is almost impossible. But as Car Cash Point don't need to check your credit score to help you with a loan, it makes the process much easier. And once you're approved for a Car Cash Point logbook loan, there are still plenty of ways to help you improve your credit score overall.

When your credit score is at an all-time low, or even non-existent, the obvious way to improve it is to get credit. But, as with a lot of financial dealings, that's easier said than done. A low credit score keeps you caught in a vicious circle - you can't get credit to improve your score, and you can't improve your score without credit. So what do you do?


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How to avoid a log book loan’s hidden fees

Whatever line of credit you apply for, whether it's a logbook loan, a mobile phone contract, even a mail order catalogue, there's often pages of small print attached to the paperwork that you probably won't read. But that small print is often the place where most of the information about hidden fees is kept. Before we start and just to be completely clear, Car Cash Point has no hidden fee's, we've worked really hard to become one of the only Logbook loan lenders in the UK to offer the highest quality service that's as fair as possible to our clients.

No one reads the small print. It's just a fact of everyday life. It doesn't really matter what we're signing up for, we gloss over it, or blindly accept it - usually, both, ignoring it all and signing anyway. But those tiny Ts and Cs are there for a reason. And that's to tell us about any legal or financial obligations that we, or the lender, are liable for.

All the relevant info will be listed, but because it's written in 'legal speak', it can be full of jargon, making it difficult to read and understand. But that's what some lenders rely on. And as lenders might not be legally obliged to tell you about fees and charges beforehand, this is where many borrowers can get into difficulties.

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