How to Manage Debt

couple with bills receipts documents and laptop at homeDebt. Nobody likes to think about it, but it has a persistent presence in the lives of many. The general connotations derived from the word 'debt' are of someone that overspends and cannot budget properly. Yet debt can result from different situations, including emergency household repairs, divorce, student loans, and redundancy.

When faced with the reality of debt, you mustn't turn away and try to ignore its existence. Denial is never the answer.

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How To Make Money With Social Media

make money social media

You browse social media every day. You use it to find out the latest news, check in to see what your friends are talking about, stalk celebrities, and post pictures of your lunch. Yet have you ever thought about using social media as a way to make money?

It might not seem like the most obvious route to earning a living, but plenty of people rely on social media to pay their mortgage, finance holidays, and keep their car on the road. Plus, certain individuals are earning millions every year due to harnessing the power of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and everything in between.

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5 Biggest Factors that Affect Your Credit Score

Personal social credit score. Machine Learning analytics identify person technologyA positive credit score is an important asset for the vast majority of people. After all, this score is used by lenders to determine if they should provide the requested financial amount to borrowers.

This isn't just when you apply for a credit card. Your credit score number is also used by mortgage bankers, car dealers, payday loan companies, and other lenders to determine if you're a suitable applicant or not. Only when successful will they settle on the amount they are willing to loan you, plus their specific terms and interest rates. Everyone from landlords to insurance companies can also analyse your credit score for a greater idea about your financial responsibility.

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Best Banks for Savings Accounts

White piggy banks overhead view - flat layForget about storing your money in a piggy bank, sock drawer, or under the mattress. Although these are suitable options for keeping your cash stored in a convenient place, they're not going to earn you any extra money from your savings. This is why you need to secure the best bank savings account.

For those unaware, a savings account is a bank/building society account with the purpose of earning you interest on the money you put in. For example, say you deposit £1,000 into a savings account with 3% interest, by the end of the first year you will earn £30 to give you £1,030 in total. This isn't a lot, admittedly, but it can quickly accumulate. Plus who doesn't love free money? Simply put, the more you put in, the more you're going to receive.

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