What do I need for a loan against my car?

When applying for log book loans in the UK, there's usually a mountain of paperwork to complete and a long list of requirements needed to get a loan against your car. Fortunately, not all log book loans are quite as hard going. So, if you're in the market for a log book loan, you might find yourself asking 'what do I need for a loan against my car'? Well, with Car Cash Point, the answer is, not a lot.

A false hope
The process of applying for the usual type of bank loan still has a certain stigma attached to it. You'd be asking for a reasonable amount of cash on the condition that you'll be paying it back regularly. So it makes sense that standard lenders will grill you about your professional and personal life and finances.

However, even after going through the whole process, many loan applications probably won't reach the stage of going ahead. That's mainly due to the fact that one or more of the lenders criteria aren't met by the borrower. This could be anything from you having a poor track record with loans in the past to something out of your control like your address being on the defaulters list thanks to a previous occupier.

A car is all you need for a loan from Car Cash Point

Fortunately, there is another way. Not all log book loans in the UK are the same as other loans. At Car Cash Point we like to make life easier for you. We can offer you a fast, simple and cost-effective way to help you get the money you need. And all you need is your car.

A log book loan is a personal loan that uses your car as security. It's a quick and easy way to withdraw the cash from your car and the only paperwork you'll need to produce is your car's V5 (or 'log book') document to prove you're the registered owner of the vehicle.

Another bonus is that Car Cash Point is the only lender of log book loans in the UK that doesn't require any formal credit checks. Your application for a log book loan from Car Cash Point will have no effect on your credit score, so if you've had any problems with credit in the past or you're having financial difficulties now, we should be able to help you. Your application is completely private with no third parties involved or required to get your loan.

A refreshingly different loan
And don't be fooled or taken in by other lenders misleading APRs, hidden fees and high charges. Car Cash Point is the only lender of log book loans in the UK who can guarantee the lowest rate of interest with no hidden fees, charges or early settlement fees.

As well as being a quick and easy loan, Car Cash Point are also completely transparent which means our expert advisors will tell you everything up front before you sign your agreement. We're also the only lender to be able to offer you repayment terms that suit your finances. So with loans ranging from £500 up to £100,000, all you need is your car and you'll be on your way.

Visit www.carcashpoint.co.uk or call our loan advisors on 0333 220 4419 today for a refreshingly different way to take out a log book loan.

The Best Rate Logbook Loan In Your Location

Applying for a loan usually means calling on the phone or, more often than not nowadays, completing your application and details online without seeing or speaking to anyone. Some people naturally prefer this more anonymous way of doing things, but when people apply for a loan online, there could be things that may get missed or misunderstood during the process.

At Car Cash Point, we've made sure our online application process is as simple as it can be. We aim to be totally honest and upfront, so we list all the information you need in plain view and give you the facts to make sure you know all the details before you apply.

But, as soon as your application is received, one of our expert representatives will still call you straight away to discuss your loan and answer any questions you have. They will explain how you're getting our best deal and always make sure you're comfortable and happy with all the loan details before you sign your agreement.
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Happy New Year from Car Cash Point!

As we know, 2016 was quite an unpredictable year, but with it now well and truly behind us, everyone here at Car Cash Point would like to wish all our customers, past, present and future, a very Happy New Year for 2017.

As is customary for this time of year of course, everyone should have made their New Year's resolutions by now - the next challenge is sticking to them. We all start off with steely determination, but sometimes see them slipping - even before the end of January!

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