Maximising the value of your junk

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Spring cleaning has come and gone so it's time to fully clear out some space and sell as much of your junk as you can to get some well-deserved money. Maybe you spent a weekend cleaning out your garage or basement or have been organising and downsizing your closet. Perhaps you want to sell old pieces of furniture or jewellery you have no want or use for anymore. Or maybe you want to get rid of an old car because you are about to upgrade your ride. Whatever the reason, and whatever the items are, they can be sold, and you can make a bit of coin.

Don't let your possessions sit and collect dust in storage somewhere - make some money!

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The Average Price of Utility Bills in the UK

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Utility bills in the UK are going to increase. It's difficult to know if you have the best deal, and at times you may wonder if changing energy providers is going to help you at all. The UK's average electricity bill works out at around £58 a month, and the average broadband bill is around £30. People are paying £56 for gas too. If you believe that you are paying more than this then this could be a sign that something needs to change.

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The 6 Best Loyalty Cards and Apps to Help You Save Money

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If you saved every loyalty card a shop gave you, your wallet would be very full and probably of little use. How often do you really use that stationery store card? Or the card from the little café from that village you only visited once? Quite often despite our best intentions, these money-saving cards are rarely used and just take up space.

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The Top 15 Most Expensive Places To Live In The UK

Aerial view of Bath, EnglandIf you're considering buying a property in the UK, then you will certainly have a lot to think about. After all, you might need to think about local schools and public transportation. If you are on a budget then it helps to look into the general cost of living in the cities you're looking at too, as this will help you to form a more accurate opinion overall.

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