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Save Money Working From Home

working from home

There was a time when working from home was viewed as sticking envelopes in their thousands or hour upon hour of data entry.

These days, with recent shifts in how the world works, the working climate has migrated into one that accepts working from home as the cultural and expected norm.

There is of course, another side to working from home - where some areas may provide advantage, there are doubtless extra costs incurred from home-working. We offer some tips and tricks to manage those outgoings and keep the balance sheet tilting upwards.

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Top 5 Affordable European Holiday Destinations This Spring

Landscape view of Sicilian countryside behind Roman ruins

Thanks to the easing of traffic restrictions over these past few months, many of us are getting back out there, and it seems we fun-loving Brits are focusing on Europe as our primary go-to destination.

Offered here are some of Europe's top budget destinations, so whether you're seeking pleasure, sun, fun, romance, or just a well-earned rest, Europe has it all within reach, and just a click away.

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How to Manage Debt

couple with bills receipts documents and laptop at homeDebt. Nobody likes to think about it, but it has a persistent presence in the lives of many. The general connotations derived from the word 'debt' are of someone that overspends and cannot budget properly. Yet debt can result from different situations, including emergency household repairs, divorce, student loans, and redundancy.

When faced with the reality of debt, you mustn't turn away and try to ignore its existence. Denial is never the answer.

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