The truth about Varoomas' extortionate fees and charges

I wanted to write a review about the simply outstanding support I received from Car Cash Point when I decided I wanted to switch my loan from Varooma.

I had previously had a loan from Varooma (Green Light) and as a result of their extremely sharp business practices, had decided to re-finance with Car Cash Point.  A significant driver behind this decision to switch Lenders was Varoomas' extortionate fee's levied against my account:-

  • £1.50 per text message, of which there were literally 100's and which I had no control over, particularly has they hadn't updated my mobile number.
  • £5.00 per outbound call
  • £0.90 cost for making a payment
  • £15.00 per letter for late payment notice charge

Varooma literally billed my account with over £1,000 worth of unfair and unjustifiable fees.

However, as if their behaviour wasn't bad enough whilst being a 'customer', it deteriorated even further.  They even sent tried to collect a payment from me by sending a goon along to my home, who pretended to be a policeman.  He had actually banged on my door in an aggressive manner and introduced himself as 'Constable' - together with his mocked up attire, he made a very convincing attempt at his deception and I dread to think how many people are conned by this behaviour.

When I decided to leave them, it got even worse.  Having received and agreed a settlement figure, Car Cash Point made arrangements to pay Varooma directly.  Varooma totally went into a tail spin and despite having a written agreement on settlement, reneged entirely by demanding more than double the settlement.  Moreover, they flat refused to release the hold on my car even though they had received settlement from Car Cash Point.  This is in utter contravention under the Financial Regulations and I have therefore had to report them.

I went through a very worrying period of 3 weeks, not knowing whether Varooma were going to suddenly appear and remove my car again!

Car Cash Point have been an amazing help in organising the switch over and I have literally saved a fortune on my monthly repayments.  Plus with Car Cash Points help I have negotiated, argued and finally won the debate with Varooma, having called their bluff.  I can wholly recommend anyone seeking urgent and emergency funding to Car Cash Point.  My warning to anyone reading this is be very careful who you deal with and in my experience never deal with Varooma, they should not be allowed to trade.